I have been making music since the age of four when I began with piano lessons, then learned guitar in high school, and later expanded into playing jazz and experimental music. In college, I played bass in a twenty piece big band alongside Joshua Redman and Anton Schwartz. It was an amazing experience to perform and do workshops with Illinois Jacquet, Lester Bowie, Joe Henderson, Benny Carter, and Ellis & Wynton Marsalis, among others.

During the same period I played and recorded with an original indie rock band called Green Fuse, composed music for independent films and a dance company, and studied orchestration, conducting, and electronic composition. A couple of friends and I started a student-run recording studio on campus, which I’m happy to report is still there.

I continued with one summer at the Aspen Music Festival’s recording engineering program, interned at a London recording studio, and also spent 3 summers at the Berklee School Of Music in Boston. After graduating I moved to Los Angeles, where a friend and I spent a year building a recording studio that I named Grandma’s Warehouse after my first investor. The studio was up and running by the fall of 1992, and I started producing and engineering music, mostly independent bands and singer-songwriters, while still composing music for the occasional indie film. I have also played live with some of the artists I have produced, including Quincy Coleman, Dead Rock West, Alexi Murdoch, and The Clear, among others.

Over the years, I have tried to help the many different artists I work with to realize their vision for the music in their heads and hearts. I have come to view this amazing process as delicate and personal, as well as very collaborative. From the raw songs to the finished masters, this is a team effort, and it is my goal to encourage and support everyone along the way to come to the table and play their parts with passion. I absolutely love what I do, and feel very fortunate to have been doing it for the last eighteen years. Enjoy the site, and please consider allowing me to help you realize your vision for your music.