The variety of artists over the last two decades has been fantastic! Bands, songwriters, jazzers, punkers, pickers, and chanters from all corners of the globe have come through my door and entrusted me with their music. I've been fortunate to host this wide range of diverse talent in various capacities, primarily for independent labels.

Bands recording here include Dead Rock West, Nova Blue, The Autumns, The Clear, Scenic, Tripadagio, Jamestown, Brand Name Collision, Eggtooth, The Eines, Brazil, Big Kid, Ferdinand, Baxter House, Dharmy, Rough Church, Souls A Fuse, Elyn, Zoo People, The Clear, Count Foxy, Crash Poetry, What Street, Trillion, Chubb House, and We Voice Sing. Producer/Engineers making use of the studio include Phil Bloch, Jim Watts, Alex Newport, and John Paterno.

Singer/Songwriters include Jimmy Webb and The Webb Brothers, Peter Case, AM, Peter Bradley Adams, Stan Ridgeway, Debi Nova, M Craft, JD Hinton, Tara Porter, Carrie Sooter, Rick Garcia, Sara Melson, Quincy Coleman, Robbie McDonald, Jesse Baylin, Jim McGorman, Morris Tepper, Bob Dylan and Mike Seeger, Steve Kruse, Willard Overstreet, Molly Bryant, Marcy Levy, Ian Millar, Jay Snider, Kai Brown, Keiran Leigh, China Forbes, Mike Ross, Krystal Louten, Ross Golan, Jill Cohn, Joy Burnworth, Ken Stacey, Kathrin Shorr, Tim Burlingame, Sweet Talk Radio, Liz Foster, John Montgomery, Marcus Christian, Natalie Wattre, Jennifer Rannels, Michele Jusko, and Kiff.

Grandma's has also been host to Jazz/Vocalist and Blues/Roots artists Hans Theesink, Terry Evans, The HiFi Honey Drops, TJ Sullivan, Ray Goren, Jamie "Bluesboy" Powell, Shakedown Mambo, Oscar Jordan, Sonny Byers, T Lou, Bobby Spencer, Jim Silvers, Michele Brourman, Lee Lessack, Amanda McBroom, Ron Abel, Michael Orland, and CMH Records. World/International artists include Open Door Orchestra, Mala Ganguly, Fore Fote, The Irish Rovers, Duo Del Sol, Sheer Pandemonium, Boujou Badialy Cissoko, and Miau.